Thursday, November 29, 2012

Useful Hotel Desk Clerk Interview Questions

A hotel desk clerk is the personnel in the front office who is responsible for welcoming guests in a hotel. He or she is responsible for attending and serving guests in a courteous, efficient and pleasant manner, both face-to-face and on the phone. Nowadays there is huge demand for hotel desk clerks. If you want to secure a decent job in this field then you must excel in communicational as well as clerical skills.

Hotel desk clerk is the person, who is always in the public eye. In this article, I would like to provide you some questions that come up again and again in interviews for the post hotel desk clerk.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself?
It is a very general interview question. The interviewer is looking for a quick overview of your academics. The employer is not at all interested in your family, pets, or hobbies. Demonstrate your professional self in front of the interviewer. The best way to answer this is to give a brief description of your qualification so far, focusing on your specific achievements.

2. Please elaborate about the roles and responsibilities of a hotel desk clerk?
People at this post have to carry out numerous important roles and responsibilities. He or she has to look after check in, check out procedure, handle cash, assign rooms, register guests, determine credit, render bills, receive cash, credit payments and provide guest service.

3. Can you please tell us about your typing speed?
A clerk is thought to have a very good typing speed. On an average they are supposes to have a typing speed of 40 to 50 words per minute. Just make certain that you possess this speed. Else it will be very hard for you to be selected. One should practice very hard on typing speed.

4. According to you what are the most effective approaches in communication?
I think one should be humble, polite and friendly while talking to others. It is the most excellent way of communication according to me.

5. Why do you want to work for our hotel?
Well, this question needs a detail research of the respective hotel. Do your homework prior to the interview and spend some time online or at the library and make research about the respective hotel. Find out as much as you can, including products, size, income, reputation, image, management talent, people, skills, history, and philosophy of the related hotel.

Make sure you prepare these questions well before appearing in an interview.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Astrological Forecast For 2011

Astrology predictions are based upon the current planetary configurations and patterns in the sky and anticipating how they will interact with the current environment. If you consider economic predictions, an economist looks at graphs and charts, probabilities of the indicator moving in a specific direction, then takes that information and merges it with the political or business climate to predict an outcome based upon the interaction of the combined knowledge. Astrological predictions are similar in that astrologers use the knowledge of where the planets will be at a date in the future, the relationships between the planets and superimpose that knowledge with the current climate and project possible ramifications and outcomes of the interaction between these factors.

2011 brings several significant shifts that will impact our future. Astrology predictions for 2011 include events that will affect how we live and view the world both on global and personal scale. The year begins with a solar eclipse on January 4th, which is the same day Uranus and Jupiter will be making their third and final conjunction at 27 degrees of Pisces. This event electrifies the year with expanding advances in medical discoveries and crucial awareness of humanitarian needs. The medical advancement will change the way we treat diseases for many years.

There are three major influences that will dominate the year; the Jupiter Uranus conjunction, Jupiter square Pluto and Jupiter opposite Saturn. As you can see Jupiter is the common denominator between three powerful planets, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto.
Jupiter will push the symbolic representations of what these planets rule and challenge them to be more and do more of what they represent.

The first significant event is the Jupiter Uranus in Pisces conjunction. This is the final conjunction of the three conjunctions and the expression of this conjunction has the last word. The conjunction in Aries occurred as Jupiter moved into Aries and briefly passed Uranus as Uranus made its station to move retrograde. This conjunction in Aries signaled great progress in alternative energy specifically hybrid and electric vehicles. While the two planets were in retrograde motion they crossed paths again in Pisces in September 2010. Jupiter moved direct in November and Uranus direct in December catching up with each other January 4th 2011 as Jupiter speeds by. The two planets will not meet up again until April 21 2024 in the sign of Taurus. Therefore for the next 13 to 14 years we are utilizing the influence of the unfolding the message from the triple conjunction from 2010, one in Aries and 2 of the conjunctions in Pisces.

Jupiter will enter Aries January 23. Put on your training shoes and get ready to you're your inner warrior athlete and adventurer. Try new ventures; just beware that you may not complete everything you start. Films and books that feature hero's and heroines that prevailed against all odds with become wildly successful and popular.

Jupiter enters Taurus June 4th and will stay in Taurus for the remainder of 2011. Jupiter in Taurus expands our desire to have, whatever you have been putting off purchasing you will feel freer to buy. Consumer spending will increase. And for the Taurus's born the first 10 days of Taurus if you have been looking for a job finally one will come through for you. The real estate market will stabilize and improve.

Uranus in Aries makes its reentry March 13th and will travel through the sign of Aries for the next several years. This energy is bringing inventions and revolution to what and the way we drive. Personal freedom will be extremely important. Individualism will rise and revolt against being forced to do something one does not want and will spill over into political arenas and debates. The tea party movement will not disappear as people will be seeking representation that will adhere to more individual freedom and revolt against large institutions that want to instill more regulations and restrictions.

Neptune dips into Pisces April 4th until the retrograde brings Neptune to revisit Aquarius August 6th continuing in Aquarius through the remainder of the year. Pay close attention to breaking new developments from April through August. You will see the future of possibilities in environmental change for the earths' water.

The Lunar nodes shift to the Sagittarius Gemini axis the first week in March and will continue to travel through that axis until September of 2012. Travel will increase; even small trips and weekend getaways will be back on the calendar. The Sagittarius amongst us will begin to feel the need to move on. The moons nodes and the eclipses are intricately connected, when you know what sign one is in you know the other is not too far off.

Jupiter squares Pluto February 25th . The last conjunction was in Sagittarius and this is the first quarter square challenging how well we are moving along. The conjunction demanded truth, justice and honesty or global implications would be felt. The fall out can continue with corporate lies and deception, this time it may be indicated in educational institutions. The once secure government backed student loans can be the next big threat in defaults that send cracks down the fragile economic recovery.

The opposition of Jupiter to Saturn signals back to the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus in late May of 2000 which was the seed for inflation in home prices. The time of the opposition will be the final significant onslaught of bad debt before the price of the homes are stabilized and begin the slow journey of recovery.

Saturn in Libra continues its journey and will delay marriage for couples citing financial restrictions. Self help advice for couples and relationships multiply. Divorces can be difficult to complete due to economic constraints which prohibits the couples from affording separate dwellings.

Neptune entering Pisces will bring great awareness to the global crises of water. The voices that have been crying out to address the contamination of the earth's water will begin to be heard and acknowledged.

2011 will be a turning point year, one of stabilizing and becoming comfortable with our newly and rediscovered values. On a personal level the astrology predictions for 2011 are towards finding and implementing our own personal desires and values. 2011 is a time to create equal partnerships in our personal and professional lives, and to break away from institutions that manipulate or control by authority alone. It is a year to seek businesses that you want to support and return to grass roots networking. It is a time to put action behind what you believe and sacrifice small conveniences for the good of all humanity.

Astrology Predictions for 2011 At a Glance

Social Interest

* Crowdfunding becomes an extremely popular avenue to raise money for artistic and other projects.
* Proliferation of non profit organizations will increase in 2011 and beyond.
* Going green tips the scale and becomes more than a trend; products become viable and sustainable alternative to traditional
* Global recognition and alarm over the planets water pollution and problems.
*Religion and spirituality expanding in countries that denied religious rights- scientist continue to find evidence of spiritual concepts thought to be superstition such as prayer as an effective measure to healing.
* Proliferation of Wine, beer, legal or medical marijuana selling by alternative storefronts such as websites.

* Electric and hybrid cars will get a huge boost, new technology will make electric
and hybrid cars a viable alternative to gas- By the time Uranus leaves Aries (2019)
gas powered cars will be in the minority.
* Breakthrough in affordability for personal robots
* Major leaks in personal medical data
* New technology and discoveries from the ocean- algae as fuel develops as a viable alternative
*Interactive TV channels explode education channels include college courses
* Inventions of new uses for personal robots and breakthrough in their affordability

* Job indicators have positive news employment opportunities increase mid April through the rest of the year
* Consumer spending increases significantly by mid year
* Travel industry recovery
* Continued contraction in large structured corporations who will continue to eliminate benefit packages.
* Restructuring of insurance companies and regulations.

* Major breakthroughs that continue in stem cell research and successful trials.
* Major breakthrough for head trauma victims; new rules for sports related head injuries.
* Alarming increase of aging population with brain disease, Alzheimer's, cognitive failure that creates crises for elder care options.
* Major leaks in personal medical data

Real Estate
* Final purging of significant number of bad debts and mortgage defaults late March/April
* The bottom of the real estate market will be over by mid 2011.
* Home shows will continue to be popular and expand on TV and other media.

* Department of defense expands into new and uncharted territory; redefinition of how to win and wage a war.
* News leaks of secret development of a weapons utilizing cutting edge technology.
* Polarization of role of government governments who can no longer pay for promises of benefits will crumble. This will be a long influence lasting throughout the time Pluto travels through Capricorn.

Astrology predictions can be used to help you stay ahead of the curve. Inventors and savvy business people have the natural ability to know trends. With the help of astrology knowing and predicting what trends will be popular in the future is easy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

$20,000 Military Personal Loans: Factors Applicants Should Know

The military family is pretty much the same as any other when it comes to dealing with the financial pressures so common in life. Getting a cash injection is often the only answer when debts are building up and managing them is becoming more complicated. Luckily, for military members - be they in the armed forces, Coast Guard or National Guard - a ,000 military personal loan is not difficult to secure.

Personal loans are general loans that can be used at the discretion of the borrowers, but typically they are used to clear debts, pay outstanding bills and even make important home repairs. But why is it possible to get loan approval with bad credit on a sum as large as ,000?

The simple answer is that military borrowers are in a stronger position than their civilians counterparts, even when bad credit scores are involved. Getting a military loan is more straightforward and more assured if the criteria and conditions are met.

Benefits of Military Financing

Getting an affordable loan deal is the principal desire of any lender, but military personnel are in a position to secure very affordable loans. The fact is that, with low interest rates and likely approval, it would be difficult for them to find a better deal than a ,000 military personal loan.

Members of the military are in an extremely strong position when seeking financing. For a start, they are employed by the US government, and enjoy a high level of job security. So, lenders have no fear over the applicant being made redundant or the employer going bankrupt. And with such assurance over loan repayments, granting approval with bad credit is logical.

Another perk is that military loans can be approved in lightning speed. And just 24 hours after approval is given, the loan funds are deposited directly into the bank account of the borrower. What is more, repayments are deducted directly from the paycheck, guaranteeing repayments for lenders and making defaults impossible.

Why Bad Credit Is Not An Issue

Bad credit scores usually have an effect on the terms of a loan deal, with higher interest rates quite normal. But when it comes to ,000 military personal loan, there is no reason for the lender to increase the interest rate being charged. The reason? There is practically no risk involved in the deal.

There is no risk because as far as lenders are concerned, job security and ability to pay are both at a maximum, leaving no doubt that they will get their money back and make a tidy profit. And since these issues are far more significant to lenders than bad credit scores, the scores themselves can be ignored, making approval with bad credit a formality.

What is more, the interest rate that is charged on military loans is low enough to make sure even the repayments on a ,000 loan is easily affordable.

Main Criteria To Meet

Not just anyone can apply for a ,000 military personal loan, and lenders offering this kind of deal require proof that the applicant is a member of the military and home defense services. This is actually quite simple to prove anyway, with an official military ID confirming rank and station sufficient to satisfy that specific criterion.

Of course, getting loan approval with bad credit comes down to other factors, but as already mentioned, proof of full-time employment and a reliable source of income are already evident. Also, being over 18 and a US citizen are no brainers when membership of the military is confirmed.

Because deployment overseas is a real possibility for military applicants, a permanent address as well as the deployment address is usually required too before the military loan can be granted.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Commercial Banking In India.

Prime Services offered by a commercial bank include processing of payments by way of telegraphic transfer, issuing bank drafts and bank cheques, accepting money on term deposits, lending money through overdraft or through installment, providing letter of credit, safe keeping of documents, currency exchanges thereby enacting the role of a financial supermarket. The Commercial Bank lays more importance on loans that it provides to its customers. These loans are Secured Loans, Mortgage Loans & Unsecured Loans. A secured loan is one in which a borrower pledges some asset as collateral against the loan. A mortgage loan is granted to purchase property against security provided to the bank until the mortgage is paid of in full. The mortgage or loan can be repaid in easy installments. Unsecured loans are granted without any specific securities, under marketing packages like credit cards, debit cards, corporate bonds, etc. All in all a commercial bank raises funds by collecting deposits from businesses and consumers via checkable deposits, savings deposits, and time (or term) deposits & loans it to businesses and consumers. It also buys corporate bonds and government bonds. Its primary liabilities are deposits and primary assets are loans and bonds.

Commercial Banking in India categorizes itself into project finance & working capital. In the case of Project Finance banks in India offers long & short term loans to business houses to set up their projects. These kinds of loans are issued after approval from banks core credit validating committee. The Project Finance segment in the commercial department is highly competitive with different players in the department trying to get the best deals done by enticing different corporate houses and business organizations to opt for the loan by providing lucrative offers. Working Capital or Capital Funds are issued by banks to corporate or business houses to meet diverse needs and requirements of the business community. Working capital finance is specialized line of business and is largely dominated by the commercial banks.

Commercial Banking in India saw dramatic changes in the last decade after India's integration with world economy. These economic reforms and the entry of private players saw nationalized banks revamp their service and product portfolio to incorporate new, innovative customer-centric schemes. Marketing and brand building programs were also given a new thrust in the new liberalized banking scenario. Promotional budgets were hiked to cater to the new and large discerning target audience. To meet the personalized needs of the customer and in order to differentiate its services, banks repositioned themselves in specialized fields, like housing loans, car finance, educational loans etc. to optimally service the customer. As of today Commercial Banking in India dominates other areas of banking such as retail banking and investing banking, solely due to influx and the term called installments that lures the customers to opt for loans to satisfy their business needs whether it is corporate or personal needs in terms of a mortgage loan. Commercial banking in India has definitely brought in a new dimension to regulation of finances in the Indian market.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why a Prepaid Debit Card and Not a Credit Card?

Prepaid debit cards are a good alternative to credit cards for anyone who is trying to control their spending. A prepaid debit card allows a consumer to deposit their money into a virtual account that can be accessed through a debit card. Once the funds are depleted, the consumer cannot spend anymore.

Unlike a credit card, a prepaid debit card does not allow a consumer to spend money he or she doesn't have. This prevents the consumer from racking up debt that he or she cannot pay off. Additionally, there is no interest charged on a prepaid card, and no bills to pay at the end of the month.

All these make the prepaid debit card a more responsible tool for budgeting and spending money, at least compared to a credit card.

In addition to controlling spending, many people like to use prepaid debit cards to send money abroad or give a gift to a relative or friend. Since these cards are easy to load and mail, they are ideal for people who need to send money abroad. In fact, they are safer than sending cash or checks through the mail, since many cards are able to be re-issued if the proper paperwork is kept. These debit cards can be used in many countries. A Visa debit card is particularly convenient since it can be used at thousands of stores and restaurants that also accept a Visa credit card.

Unlike credit cards, debit cards do not charge interest, but there are a few fees involved with using them. Just like a checking account at the bank, most prepaid cards will charge a maintenance fee once a month, as well as a small transaction fee when the card is used. Prepaid cards such as a Visa debit card do this in order to recoup their costs for issuing the cards and transferring the money from the card to the merchant or to other accounts. However, these payment and transfer fees are very low compared to those charged by banks for similar transactions.

All in all, prepaid debit cards are a great way to control spending through the holiday season, an excellent alternative to a high fee checking account, and an inexpensive way to transfer money to relatives and friends abroad.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Benefits And Potential Pitfalls Of A Car Lease Takeover

In any kind of transaction, there are advantages and disadvantages, benefits and detriments. However, despite the negative points, a good transaction is a good transaction. This is how a car lease takeover works. Looking at it carefully, it has a number of good points and potential problem areasbut, if done properly, it can be a very sweet deal. Nonetheless, in order to understand the process of a car lease takeover, it is best to see the whole picture. So what are the benefits of putting a car on a lease transfer, and what can be the potential problems?


A lease takeover mainly gives a person more than one options for car financing. For instance, if one sells his car under a lease takeover program, he can avoid having to pay a penalty for lease cancellation. Canceling a lease can be a very big burden on a car owner, especially with the exorbitant cancellation fees. Lease takeovers are the most practical way to get rid of a lease, whether because the owner is having difficulties paying for the car or because he decided to buy a new car, hence the need to make someone pay for the lease. The transaction becomes flexible and negotiable, with the payments and the transfer done according to the terms of the buyer and the seller. With this, the seller can minimize his monetary expenses, follow the latest trends when it comes to cars, and ultimately control his finances. The best part here is the seller is not violation any contracts; lease takeovers are legal, relieving the seller of any legal responsibility.

Minor setbacks

There are a few minor considerations for anyone who would want to get rid of a loan. For one, most leasing companies consider the seller's credit rating. In short, they will assess the seller's paying capability; if the credit rating is low, the lease takeover would not be approved. This shouldn't be a problem for any with a decent credit rating; after all, how were they able to buy a car on loan with a bad credit rating in the first place? The condition of the car is also a prime consideration when getting rid of car leases or selling a car on a lease takeover procedure. Leasing companies would have to see if the car would still appeal to the market. If not, then it will not be part of a leasing transfer program.

Overall evaluation

Nonetheless, it is obvious that a car lease takeover procedure is the best way to get rid of a lease. These setbacks should not worry anyoneor at least those with a decent credit rating. If the seller and the car are still eligible, there are no reasons why one shouldn't transfer his lease to someone. It offers the flexibility no other method or option can provide. It also gives one the freedom to choose and not be trapped in unfavorable choices. A car lease takeover may have a few limitations, but these asides it is the most practical way to achieve financial freedom.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Things You Should Know About Commercial Real Estate

If you are ready to start investing in commercial real estate, you need to make sure you have a few things in order first. The more prepared you are for the task, the more successful you will be at securing and finalizing the deal. Keep in mind that selling and purchasing commercial properties is something that you don't want to attempt to do alone. Here are a few things that can be done to improve your chances of success.

One thing that is always good to have on your side is patience. No matter what type of industry or market you are dealing with, it doesn't pay to rush and make hasty decisions. This is especially true when it comes to the field of real estate. Rushing and making poor decisions can end up costing you a fortune. It can ruin your business before it really gets off of the ground. By being patient, you can do more research and increase your chances of getting better deals.

While everyone is making a big deal about how easy it is to get approved for a mortgage, you need to understand that you won't have a very pleasant experience working with a residential lender that rarely offers loans on commercial properties. In fact, in order to get the best rates try to work with lenders that specialize in commercial real estate. This will make things much easier for you to qualify and get approved for the amount you desire.

When it comes to shopping around for the property you want to purchase, even though you want a place that is structurally safe and sound, any flaws that you notice should be pointed out. Blemishes like cracks in the ceilings, broken windows or even poorly kept carpet are all things you should bring to the realtor's attention. You may be able to use those blemishes for a little bargaining room on the price.

If you plan on selling a property, work with your realtor to make sure you aren't over pricing the property. Even though you may feel your property is worth a certain amount, especially after you have spent time and money on renovations, you need to make sure the figure you are trying to sell it at is realistic.

Any work or inspections you have done on your property should be done by a licensed contractor or service. The same goes for if you want to buy a particular piece of land. Check the property's history and make sure that any work and services that have been performed have been done by a credible and licensed provider. This will prevent you from having to deal with any issues after you have purchased or sold a property.

Before you commit to finalizing any commercial real estate deals, make sure you have read all of the contracts, leases and other documents over. Make sure you understand everything that is included. If necessary, hire a real estate lawyer for guidance before you sign anything.