Friday, May 4, 2012

Welcome To The World Of Mini Travel Trailers

There are many people out there that would love to own an RV but lack the ability to tow around a large RV. For those people, mini travel trailers may be the perfect solution. They contain many of the same features that people love about RVs, but in a much smaller and compact design. There is variety in the types of mini travel trailers available. Each different variety has its own uniqueness and the compact size makes space at a premium. Many features in these mini trailers will have multiple uses.

Pop-Up Tent Mini Travel Trailers Trailers

In the 1930's, the introduction of the pop-up tent trailers first occurred. Because of their collapsible nature, these trailers made for easy storage while still providing a good amount of space when extended. The basic models employ the use of a winch to raise the roof, while electric motors are also available. The sleeping areas or bunks can be folded out to accommodate the occupants.

Basic features found in the larger RVs are also present in the pop-up trailers. There are sleeping areas, dinette, interior lights, fresh water tanks and a DC power system. Higher end models can contain things such as a toilet, more living area, stove, refrigerator, etc.

Fiberglass Egg Campers

Easily identifiable by their distinct egg-like shape, these mini travel trailers are typically white and have rounded edges. Made of fiberglass, they definitely have one of the most recognizable shapes of travel trailers.

Standard features are pretty much the same as the basic features on a pop-up trailer. However, it does have more room and this allows for more space for features such as a full-size bed or a sofa that folds down. There is usually a dinette and side bunk providing more seating. A small galley with a stove top is typically standard. Another perk is a small toilet and shower area.

Teardrop Trailers

Like the above mentioned pop-up travel trailer, this mini trailer came out around the same time. They are much more streamlined than the others. This streamlining puts space at a higher premium.

They still contain many of the same features as the larger trailers but they are organized differently. The interior usually is only comfortable for two people to sleep. There may be a small storage area or room for a small television. Because of the condensed space, the kitchen area is located in a rear hatch that is accessible from the outside. Typically, this consists of things such as a sink, small stove, etc.

For those wanting to experience the RV lifestyle without the high cost and the wear and tear on their vehicle, a mini travel trailer may be just the right thing. Go to your local RV dealer and check out some of the mini travel trailers they have available. With many different styles, customizations and varieties, you are sure to find something that will fit your needs perfectly. With lodging problems solved, you may just find yourself more inspired to travel.

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